Bench Blaster | Comprehensive Guide for Bench Press Workouts

Genghis bench blaster

What is a Bench Blaster and How to Buy One?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a bench blaster, you’re right. This product can increase your bench press strength by 30 percent while still maintaining proper form. Using a Bench Blaster will also ensure that you don’t injure yourself while lifting heavyweights. The patented design of the Bench Blaster makes it easy to lift heavier weights without risking injury. Using Blaster’s workout programs will improve your strength while preventing the risk of injury.

Another advantage of a Bench Blaster is its ability to enhance your chest and triceps. Because of its half-barbell grip, the Bench Blaster helps you safely build your chest while minimizing injury risk. In addition, the specialized design of the Blaster’s triceps strap and hamstring straps will keep your shoulders from overextending.

When shopping for a Bench Blaster, you should also look for an arm pad that fits your elbows properly. While the arm pads on a Bench Blaster should be above your elbows, they should not be so high that your elbows dig into the pads. If they’re too high, you’ll have your elbows resting on the pads instead of your triceps. If you have your elbow pads too low, the arm blaster will tip into your stomach, which is uncomfortably uncomfortable.

How a Bench Blaster Works to Boost Muscle Growth & Health?

Read this section if you want to know how a Bench Blaster works. Here, we’ll explain the science behind this machine. This exercise equipment is designed to add targeted pounds to your weight-bench workouts to help boost muscle growth and health. Most people who want to grow muscles should start with a weight that they can do eight to 12 reps with. If you can lift more than fifteen reps, you’re probably not lifting heavy enough. The extra pounds will help you maintain good posture and lean and make you less prone to injury.

The Blaster works by storing elastic energy and allowing you to pull down the bar with your upper back muscles. The tension from this tool is even higher than when you lift a traditional barbell, so you’ll have to use your entire upper back. To make the most of this device, you should tuck your elbows in front of the barbell and touch your chest at the same spot.

A bench blaster helps you build chest muscle because it allows you to lift a heavyweight with less stress on the joints and shoulders. You can also do more reps with a heavier weight while minimizing the stress on your elbows and shoulder joints.

The Bench Blaster is also easy to use and is an excellent investment in muscle growth. While the bench blaster can be a valuable investment, it should not be your only piece of exercise equipment.

Why It is Important to Use a Bench Blaster in Your Weight Lifting Workout?

A bench blaster can help you lift heavier weights with proper form. This piece of equipment has two main functions: increasing your lats and protecting your shoulder joints. The slingshot action of the bench blaster will create elastic tension around your chest, which will allow you to lift heavier weights for the same amount of reps. Its protective arm will keep your shoulder muscles in the proper position and prevent damage from vibration. This device can be found at Genghisfitness.

When using a Bench Blaster, it’s important to remember that the device is easy to operate. However, there are some tips and tricks to get the most from the device. For beginners, you should lower the bar until it hits the top of your chest. Then, use your body’s elasticity to push the bar back up. It’s as simple as that.

A bench can help you maintain proper form and give you a slight mechanical advantage. It is crucial to maintain 5 points of solid contact with the ground provided by a bench. This solid foundation transfers the force from the barbell to you. Your shoulder blades should also be backward and down to engage the lats and prevent shoulder rolling. A bench can also increase your speed and help you focus on the weights you’re trying to lift.

Another way to make the most out of Bench Blaster is by adding the preacher curl. The preacher curl is performed using an incline bench instead of a straight one. It is similar to the Arm Blaster, but the preacher bench provides more comfort for the biceps. It’s easier to hold the weight, and it helps the biceps contract more effectively.

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Bench Blaster For Weight Lifting Improvements

You’ve probably heard about the Bench Blaster for Weight Lifting Improvements, but what exactly is it, and how can it benefit you? The basic premise behind this program is progressive overload, where your body adjusts to the increased demand of the lift over time. It uses digital weights, which automatically change as you get stronger. It works weekly, so you can do 8-12 chest sets a week and 3 sets of triceps isolation exercises.

One of the primary benefits of the Bench Blaster is its variable resistance system. It increases bench strength by adding resistance while performing each lift. The sweet spot for bench strength is higher weights for lower reps. For example, a person who is not strong enough to bench press with chains may find it challenging to develop the strength they need to improve their strength. The Bench Blaster is designed to help you achieve this sweet spot.

It removes the need for you to balance the weight on your arm when doing arm pump exercises. This makes the lifts more focused and productive. However, the drawback of the Chest Pump Machine is its limited adjustability. It’s not adjustable to fit arm length, shoulder width, or chest size, which can place unnecessary stress on your joints. Dumbbell benches are not only safer but also make you stronger.

How to Maximize Your Workout With an Awesome Blender?

The Bench Blaster helps maximize your workout by preventing the bar from sliding down your traps during squats. You will also be able to perform more reps and sets because the Bench Blaster will hold the bar in place. You should check out the video below to learn how to use it properly. Once you learn how to use it properly, you will be able to maximize your workout in no time!

Bench Blaster prevents the bar from sliding down your traps during squats.

Squats are a core workout that requires stability and balance while holding the bar. When you add weight to your squats, the risk of injury increases. Always check your form, and never lift more weight than you are comfortable lifting. When possible, place the bar behind you rather than in front. Here are the best ways to squat with safety in mind.

The patented Genghisfitness TM prevents your back from sliding down your traps during squats. It is a highly “grippy” silicone material built into your shirt’s upper back area. This nonslip material is safer, more convenient, and cleaner than chalk or similar materials. While not as effective as Bench Blaster, it is easier to clean and requires less space in your gym bag.

During squats, you should position the bar correctly. The bar should rest underneath the traps and just above your delts. If the bar is sitting too high, it will roll up toward your neck, compromising your balance, back angle, and ability to drive your hips out of the bottom. The bar should be centered on your lower back, which is the best position.

Why a Bench Blaster is Important in Bench Press Workouts?

In addition to building a massive upper body, the bench press is also an excellent way to increase strength and size in general. This exercise can be modified to suit any individual’s needs and is highly customizable. It is also susceptible to long-term progression. As a result, it is a crucial movement for any strength and size builder’s routine. Adding a bench blaster to your routine can improve your training and allow you to increase the weight you lift in other pressing exercises.

One of the reasons to include a Bench Blaster in your bench press workouts is to avoid injury caused by overload. The Blaster helps you lift heavier weights for the same number of reps. Additionally, you can increase your training volume as time goes on, safely increasing your volume without causing damage to your elbows. For this reason, it is crucial to use a Bench Blaster.


A bench blaster is especially helpful when performing multiple reps of a set. Unlike a traditional bench press, it increases the strength of the triceps by reducing the range of motion. You can focus more on the chest and triceps by eliminating leg drive. If you have an injury, consult with a doctor before trying a new exercise. It’s also essential to follow proper form while performing the exercise to prevent injury.

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