Band Ankle

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Band Ankle

Band Ankle with hooks are a great tool for strengthening your hamstrings. You can put one on your right leg while you hold the other untied. While you’re working, pull your knees in toward your chest and push your body weight into your right leg. As you continue to move, your left leg should be untangled and the right foot drawn out. Once you’ve completed the right side, switch to the left side.

Once you have your body in the squat position, you can then attach the ankle strap with hooks on your left foot. Keep your right foot untangled while you move lateral to the left. As you do so, slowly lower your left leg until your foot is parallel to the floor. Repeat this exercise on the other side of your body. When you’re finished, switch legs and repeat. You can do the same exercise on both sides.

Once you’re ready, attach the strap to your right ankle and leave the left foot untangled. Then, begin your exercise by pulling your right knee toward your chest while your left leg stays on the ground. When you are ready to repeat, swap legs and repeat. You’ll be surprised by how much your hamstrings can strengthen with an ankle strap. With the proper technique, it can help you burn fat and improve your overall health.


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