Love can cause weight gain. Several factors at work can increase how much we weigh, including genetic and hormonal balance. You probably gained weight if a relationship has been around for a while. In fact, a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows a correlation between the length of relationships and weight gain.

Researchers followed nearly 4,000 couples for 25 years (some beginning in 1986, others in 1989) and followed them up with a three-year follow-up appointment and a fifth exam between 2011 and 2013.

At the start of the study, 23% of men and 25% of women were obese. Non-obese men whose wives became obese throughout the study were 78% more likely to become obese than if their wives hadn’t gained as much weight, the researchers found. Likewise, women who married an obese man were 89% more at risk of developing obesity.

Here, the pattern operates in reverse. There are few instances where obese people have lost enough weight to be considered non-obese, but when they do, their wives are also more likely to become non-obese.

You see, a partner typically comes with all their past baggage. The condition of the midsection is named called love handles.

With an expert’s explanation, there are more reasons why relationships make you gain weight and how to deal with them. In her book, Wendy Walsh, Ph.D., shares that without social connection and physical affection, a person will often turn to food for comfort and addiction.

Relationships in the modern age

“Maturity and increased responsibilities can mean that you don’t have as much free time to go to the gym. So it is likely that your body weight will increase for that reason,” Walsh says.

You will likely sacrifice other pursuits that once took up your entire d for quality time. If a woman has become such a priority in your life, you may reduce your commitment to activities such as going out to the bar.

If you like this article, you may enjoy these 10 five-minute ab workouts. There is always time to exercise. You just have to find the time or make it.

The kiss and all that jazz

“You want to eat high-fat food, drink delicious wine, and eat chocolate,” says the woman. “There is no doubt that you are not going to tell this new girl what you will be doing tonight.”

How to Solve Your Relationship Problems?

“In a time of pressure and competition to find a mate, people tend to act in strategies that are highly competitive. We do this unconsciously because our brain has evolved over millions of years where we are constantly competing with others living nearby,” Walsh explained.

Life is easier to follow when you’re not single. It’s easier to stay healthy and in shape when dating someone than when you’re tied down with another person.

When you’re dating, you’re newly in love and getting out of the ‘honeymoon phase with someone. So you don’t need to impress your girlfriend or wife anymore. You also get used to each other and possibly become ‘comfortable around your significant other, leading to spending time at home rather than on weekends. For example, Netflix marathons are a fan favorite paired with takeout and alcohol.

Be on the lookout for changes in your behavior so “Netflix and chill” don’t become de rigueur.

Healthy habits are contagious

Health habits are contagious.

1- If you have a friend who teases you about unhealthy habits, the good news is that your health can also be affected.

2- If you’re not a healthy person, hooking up with someone who’s extremely healthy can improve your health,” Walsh says.

3- If your girlfriend or wife is almost always cooking. It might not be on the Paleo diet and might not be considered healthy food. You don’t get to do that yourself easily. The title of the paragraph would be altered to give this sentiment more weight. The house cook has a lot of power to ruin everyday eating for you if you let them.

Final Thought: Love can be fattening.

“In casual, short-term relationships, it’s more about the lust than the love,” Walsh says. Male-type interactions with females without a deep connection or understanding of each other’s needs can lead to some issues down the road that may be health and wellness related.

However, like what happens with love, there are parallels in weight gain. Although you’re fine with gaining a few pounds over time, 20 pounds can be impossible to lose.

Walsh believes that if your health habits have been unhealthy and date you into a “get-to-work” phase, the two of you should be able to transition back to healthy habits. Your relationship will make this easier.

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