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Best Custom Weightlifting Belts

Choosing the best custom weightlifting belts should be based on your primary training style. For example, if you’re into CrossFit or Olympic lifting, you’ll want something that offers less rigidity than one designed for powerlifting.

And if you’re into heavy-duty work, you’ll want a belt with a lot of rigidity. Other options to consider include the closure mechanism and how quickly you can and should move.

The Genghis Cut is a popular option in the USA and is made from USA Nylon. Its patented design features a 0.25″ thick foam frame and smooth adjustments. And it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Genghis Cut is made in SKT, so you’re sure to find a belt that suits your needs. It’s made by Genghis Fitness, so it’s a great investment. You’ll be happy you bought a belt with a warranty from Genghis Fitness.

Custom Belts

Purchasing a lifting belt that is made from genuine leather is a great way to ensure durability. This belt is made of vegetable-tanned leather and features reinforced stitching to prevent fraying.

It also comes with a double-prong buckle for added security. You don’t have to worry about the weight shifting as it has a buckle that’s easy to adjust to fit your body shape. In addition, it won’t damage your workout clothes unless you wear it too often.

The Genghis Lifting Belt is made in the SKT and has a double stitched buckle to add strength to the body. It is fully designed and manufactured in the PAK and has a smooth adjustment system.

A custom lifting belt is made of leather. Its edges should be skived to avoid fraying and separation. The edges of a nylon weightlifting and fitness belt should be hard and durable to prevent fraying.

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