What is Lifting Straps & How They Work?

Genghis Cotton Lifting Straps

When you put more pressure on your grip, lifting straps is helpful. Lifting straps can be a valuable accessory for heavy lifts, especially when you want to push to the limits, but your grip is insufficient for heavy loads. Bodybuilders use the straps in their workouts, and athletes also use them to prepare themselves for intense sports competitions.

What is Lifting Straps?

Lifting straps are lengths of either cotton, nylon, or leather that loop around your wrist and bars. Lift straps help you focus on lifting the weight instead of worrying about how your hands will hold onto the bar. It is vital to strengthen your grip because weak grips can increase injuries and mess up your workout!

You can use straps for several exercises such as barbell rows, deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, and rack pulls. You can also use them for weighted chin-ups and pull-ups. If you have a weak grip, they enable you to go further and smash your lift.

Which is The Best Material for Weightlifting Lifting Straps?

Cotton with the ability to expand when stretched accounts for a large share of lifting straps. One key attribute is cotton’s capability to absorb sweat better than other materials such as nylon and leather, making them comfortable.

Cotton Straps are a great solution to sweat because they can be soaked up quickly. They can often be reused, making them a relatively cost-effective solution with time value applied. When using cotton straps, you’ll also save many trees commonly wasted on manufacturing new ones every time you go to the gym.

Nylon Straps Can be Beneficial for Various Exercises.

Compared to cotton, nylon snags on the surface of objects when lifted. However, they are stronger than cotton and leather, so they last longer. They also allow weightlifters to release dumbbells faster than other materials.

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Leather Lifting Straps in Weightlifting.

Leather is known to maintain its shape, form, and grip even under intense stress. It holds well and doesn’t cause friction to the skin. What’s different about leather is how easily it grips or slips on a bar without pinching or binding the wrist; it provides comfort to your wrist.


It depends on the athlete which straps they prefer according to their fitness level. Consult your trainer if you are unsure. Nylon, cotton & leather each have their specification & unique quality for lifting purposes.

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