Weightlifting Grip

Genghis Fitness proudly presents a range of weightlifting grip meticulously designed to elevate your lifting experience. Tailored for powerlifters, bodybuilders, CrossFit enthusiasts, and Olympic lifters, our lifting straps offer unparalleled support, grip stability, and control. Whether you’re engaged in deadlifts, rows, or shrugs, Genghis Fitness has you covered.

Why Use Weightlifting Grip?

Genghis Fitness Lifting Straps are a staple for consistent gym-goers and dedicated bodybuilders. These straps provide the additional support needed to surpass your limits and attain your fitness aspirations. CrossFit enthusiasts find our lifting grips particularly beneficial, offering robust support without restricting wrists during intense workouts. Express your style with our premium lifting straps, available in various colors.

Benefits of Lifting Straps:

  1. Improved Grip Strength:

    • Assist those with weak grip strength, enabling focus on other muscle groups without grip limitations.
  2. Enhanced Muscle Engagement:

    • Help lifters concentrate on the target muscle group without overcompensating for grip fatigue.
  3. Reduced Risk of Injury:

    • Proper use minimizes accidents or injuries during workouts.
  4. Plateau Breaking:

    • Valuable tool for individuals facing plateaus in strength training, pushing limits beyond grip constraints.

Understanding Lifting Straps:

  1. Lasso Lifting Straps:

    • Common wrist straps made from heavy-duty materials like cotton, nylon, or leather. Ideal for heavy-duty lifting exercises such as deadlifts, lat pulldowns, and rows, providing enhanced grip control.
  2. Figure 8 Straps:

    • Shaped like the number 8, securing grip by looping around wrists and the barbell. Excellent for grip-taxing lifts like heavy deadlifts and shrugs, but may not suit power movements.
  3. Lifting Grips:

    • Versatile, offering wrist support and palm protection. Genghis Fitness grips feature durable grip material (leather or rubber) for added comfort, popular among CrossFit athletes.
  4. Olympic Lifting Straps:

    • Closed-loop teardrop-shaped straps providing minimal grip support. Easy bar release makes them suitable for Olympic weightlifting and other exercises.

Choosing the Right Lifting Straps:

  1. Figure 8 Straps:

  2. Lifting Grips:

    • Genghis Fitness Lifting Grips, designed with double-stitched rubber for a comfortable palm grip and heavy-duty nylon for durability.
  3. Olympic Lifting Straps:

    • Genghis Fitness Olympic Lifting Straps, constructed from high-quality cotton with reinforced stitching, perfect for cleans and snatches.

Why Invest in Genghis Fitness Weightlifting Grip?

FAQs About Lifting Straps:

  1. What are weightlifting straps for?

  2. Should I use lifting straps for lifting?

  3. Why should I use lifting straps?

    • Essential for targeting specific muscle groups without losing grip, maximizing strength and size.
  4. When should I use lifting straps?

    • Ideal for powerlifting, bodybuilding, and recreational lifting during exercises like deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, and lat pulldowns.
  5. When shouldn’t I use lifting straps?

    • Should not compensate for weak grip strength; use strategically for movements requiring extra grip support.
  6. What are the best lifting straps?

  7. How do I secure lifting straps?

    • Lasso lifting straps are easy to use; slide one end through the loop, place around wrists, and tighten.
  8. How do you use lifting straps?

    • Place them around your wrists for effective use. Refer to our quick video for a demonstration.

FAQs About Figure 8 Straps:

  1. How do Figure 8 deadlift straps work?

    • Shaped like the number 8, loop hands through the top, feed the open loop under the bar, and grab inside the strap to complete the closure.
  2. Should I use Figure 8 straps?

    • Ideal for weightlifting and powerlifting movements where bar release is not required.
  3. What do I use Figure 8 straps for?

  4. What are the best Figure 8 straps?

    • Genghis Fitness offers premium Figure 8 lifting straps made from durable cotton with reinforced stitching.

FAQs About Lifting Grips:

  1. Why use lifting grips?

    • Saves time, reduces material wrapping around the bar, and maintains shape and durability over time.
  2. How do I find the right size of lifting grips?

    • Focus on the material around the wrist, as the grip pad is typically a standard size.
  3. How do you wear lifting grips?

    • Curve the grip portion into your palm for pulling movements and ensure the grip pad lies snug against your palm for pushing motions.
  4. Why choose grips over lifting straps?

    • Provides consistent grip, allowing control until the last rep.

FAQs About Olympic Lifting Straps:

  1. How do you use Olympic straps?

    • Similar to lasso straps; loop material around wrists and then around the bar for a secure fit.
  2. Who should use Olympic straps?

    • Suitable for anyone looking to handle more weight in weightlifting movements requiring quick bar release.

Unleash your full potential in the gym with Genghis Fitness Lifting Straps. Elevate your lifting game and experience unmatched stability, support, and ease of use. Browse our collection today and embark on the journey to peak performance.