Weightlifting belts

Upgrade your weightlifting experience with Genghis Fitness premium weightlifting belt. Crafted from high-quality materials, these weightlifting belt offers unparalleled support and performance enhancement. Whether you’re into squats, deadlifts, or powerlifting, these belts are a must-have in your gym bag. Genghis Fitness adjustable design ensures a perfect fit, while the breathable Leather, nylon and neoprene fabric keeps you comfortable during intense workouts. Genghis Fitness belt is built to last, providing long-term durability and reliability.

lifting grips

Genghis Fitness Lifting Grips, designed to enhance your workout experience and maximize your lifts. Made from high-quality leather, cotton, nylon, and neoprene Genghis Fitness grips offer superior durability and comfort, allowing you to focus on your lifts without worrying about hand fatigue or discomfort. The ergonomic design ensures a secure grip, reducing the risk of injury and improving your overall performance.

Genghis Fitness lifting grips are ideal for weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and cross-training. The adjustable wrist straps provide a customized fit for all users, while the padded neoprene material offers exceptional comfort and support. Say goodbye to calluses and blisters with our grips, as they provide a protective barrier between your hands and the weights.

Genghis Fitness grips are suitable for both beginners and experienced lifters, offering the perfect balance of support and flexibility. Whether you’re lifting heavy weights or focusing on high-repetition exercises, our grips will help you achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively.

lifting support

Genghis Fitness Weightlifting Support Gear includes elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, wrist wraps and knee wraps designed to enhance your workouts and protect your joints. Whether you’re lifting heavy or aiming for a new personal best, our support gear provides the stability and comfort you need.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our elbow sleeves offer compression and warmth to reduce the risk of injury and promote faster recovery. The knee sleeves provide excellent support and stability during squats, lunges, and other leg exercises, while the knee wraps offer additional support for heavy lifting sessions. The wrist wraps provide added stability for your wrists during lifts, ensuring proper form and reducing the risk of strain.

With a focus on durability and performance, our support gear is perfect for weightlifters of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enhanced performance with our premium Weightlifting Support Gear.

gym accessories

Elevate your workout routine with Genghis Fitness premium Gym Accessories, including an Arm Blaster, Ankle Straps, Booty Band, and Bench Blaster. Designed to enhance your training, each piece is crafted with high-quality materials for durability and comfort.

The Arm Blaster isolates your arms during curls, promoting proper form and maximizing gains. Genghis Fitness Ankle Straps offer versatility for leg exercises, ensuring a secure fit and optimal resistance.

The Booty Band provides added resistance for glute workouts, helping you achieve a toned and sculpted lower body. Lastly, the Bench Blaster enhances core stability during bench press, enabling you to lift heavier and with better control. Invest in your fitness journey with Genghis Fitness Gym Accessories and experience the difference in your workouts.



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